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Nikos Restoration - Kalyves

A delicate sea front renovation started In January 2008. It is located on the old road into Kalyves. The house is terraced, sitting between two occupied homes. To the front of the house is the old road, to the rear is a local road running adjacent to the sea. Immediately outside the property is a large tree that must be retained and left undamaged.

the house

The entire premises required gutting and clearing prior to beginning any restoration work. The walls have been rebuilt using local stone which keeps the property in character with the area.

The architect design requires the use of steel supports and metal lined upper floor. The original floor required re-laying and reinforcement to take the upright steel supports.

collaborative project

Vamos Villas is responsible for the stonework renovation and building. We liaise closely with other companies responsible for the steel frame work.

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