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Answers to commonly asked questions

Does Vamos Villas build homes only in the Vamos (Apokoronas) area?
  • No, although Vamos Villas is based in the town of Vamos, we undertake projects in many parts of Crete, including Rethmyno, Chania, Kissamos and places in between.
How can you offer such competitive quotations?
  • Four obvious reasons are that:
    • we build your house ourselves, we do not use sub-contractors to carry out our work.
    • we are able to directly source the materials required to build your house.
    • we do not operate plush offices or retain a large staff of sales agents who work on commission.
    • we deal direct with our customers, face to face.
  • Thus, in all cases cutting out unnecessary mark-up and not needing to pass on additional operating costs to you.
Do you build concrete framed houses?
Do you renovate or restore older properties?
  • Yes, we carry out both types of work. Vamos Villas has recently been commissioned to carry out the restoration of historical buildings on the island of Santorini (Thera). Examples of renovation and restoration projects can be viewed on the site, or in person when you visit us.
What is the relationship between Hani Alekos Construction, Ben Hani (Alekos) Construction and Vamos Villas?
  • Hani Alekos Construction is our former trading name, you may still find signs at the site of our work with the name displayed. Hani is the family name. Alekos is my given name, many people know me as Ben. My brothers name is Alberto. We have chosen the name Vamos Villas as we believe it identifies us more closely with the community where we generally operate.
Do you carry out commercial work?
  • Yes. We have been commissioned to carry out several commercial projects.
Do you carry out any other building work?
  • We have undertaken several small projects restoring and rebuilding churches, community buildings and stone shelter bus stops in the Vamos area.
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