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Prices for renovation and resoration projects are discussed on an individual basis.

Each renovation or restoration is totally unique. Providing that you can obtain the structural report, the architectural plans and the necessary building permissions, we could estimate the cost of the project based on the work required to regain structural integrity and then furnish you with a price to complete the project to your specification.


Rather than provide a long list of what is included or excluded, we would prefer that you contact us and arrange to discuss your ideas and requirements. We can organise for you to view some of the renovated and restored homes that we have completed, and decide on the features you would like your home to have.

Our bottom line is that if you decide to commission us to restore your home, you will get a home that involves your design and decision making and that will be of a comfort level and quality that you can live in all year round. We will have another satisfied customer and a home that bears witness to our reputation.

Renovation & Restoration

Renovating or restoring an old dwelling to return it to a habitable condition is something that many people dream of doing

Renovating or restoring an old dwelling to return it to a habitable condition is something that many people dream of doing - Vamos Villas are able to help turn your ideas into reality.

There are many benefits to this approach, most older properties have plenty of space and often a good plot of surrounding land. Those that stand within villages can be extended considerably if space and planning regulations allow. Nearly all older buildings are stone built and have many beautiful architectural features that can be restored to enhance the finished renovation.

Vamos Villas have renovated or restored many buildings in the area and have a wealth of expertise in this field. We have recently been commissioned to carry out restoration work on the island of Mykinos, and on several community projects within Vamos.

A word of caution

If you are considering buying an old property engage the services of a lawyer to ensure that the property has clean title deeds, clearly defined access to the property and that basic services such as water and electricity are suitably close. It is also sensible to appoint an architect to plan your renovation along with you to assist with the navigation through the many rules and regulations which must be met.

Above all, ensure you obtain a full structural report for the building, although this may cost a little, it provides you the opportunity to 'walk away' from a project if you consider that the required work exceeds the planned budget. Better to lose a little, than to sink money into a bottomless pit.

Full renovation or part renovation

Renovation of older buildings is very popular in Crete, where there are an abundance of properties, or in some cases groups of properties that can be rebuilt to provide comfortable accommodation with all the modern fixtures that we expect. It's an ethical way of giving old buildings a new lease of life. In some cases it is possible to carry out part renovations, combining an older building with a modern extension.


Full restoration ultimately restores a building to its former look and style, although some internal fixtures and fittings will be modern. In some cases, especially with historically important buildings, restoration grants may help offset the cost of the work.

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