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Villas & Homes

Designing a home from scratch offers many advantages and the opportunity to include the features that are important to you.

Whether it is simply extra rooms or more ecological energy saving systems that utilise solar and wind energy.

Off-Plan Development

Your opportunity...

to plan, design and create your dream home to your personal specification using the guidance below:.

  • There are many advantages of this choice including the five that we have picked out:
    • Location of the house on your plot
    • Aspect with regards to morning and afternoon sun
    • Built to take best advantage of available views
    • Design to meet your personal or family requirements
    • Achievement of your dream home
    • Incorporate energy efficient systems
    • Incorporate ecological friendly systems
Engineering Plans & Building Permission
  • The choice is yours - you can operate independently and obtain your own plans and secure building permission on your own plot of land, or we can offer to either help you obtain all or part of the package to suit your requirements.
  • Either way, you will be closely involved in the design of your own home.
Building Inspection
  • During the entire building process, the quality of our progress is regularly checked by the appointed building engineer.
  • You can choose to nominate your own engineer (usually your architect and pay their fees) or we can nominate our engineer on your behalf (fees included in the build).