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Modern Construction:

Rather than provide a long list of what is included or excluded, we would prefer that you contact us and arrange to discuss your ideas and requirements. We can organise for you to view some of our completed homes, and decide which style and features you would like your home to have.

Our bottom line is that if you decide to commission us to build your home, you will get a home that involves your design and decision making and that will be of a comfort level and quality that you can live in all year round. We will have another satisfied customer and a home that maintains our reputation.

What is 'Modern Construction'

Modern cement and steel frame construction maximises the use of modern building materials and often features large open plan rooms, with tall windows and multi-aspect rooms that provide the living space with light.

Exterior areas are given shade through the use of pergolas, while balconies and roof terraces provide access to the stunning views that surround the property. This architectural style is often referred to as Contemporary Mediterranean and Linear Modern.

Concrete and Frame

The reinforced concrete foundation pad, columns and beams forming the main house structure are probably the most important element of any modern home. The frame will be constructed using the best quality reinforced cement and steel rods, meeting current international seismic standards, designed to withstand earth tremors.