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Interior Building Services

Our skilled craftsmen can add beauty to your home with traditional features.

Stone Fireplace

There is a choice available from our range of fireplaces and other traditional features that can add warmth and character to your home. Whether constructing your fireplace during the build of your home, or adding as a feature later, consideration will be given to ensure that your fireplace fits in with the style of your home and functions as a fireplace should - generating heat to warm your home.

Traditional Arch

The arches and arcs have been evident in the local architecture for millennia and continue to be part of the architectural landscape in Crete. A well constructed arch will enhance the aesthetic appearance of your rooms. We can build these features into your home using traditional hand cut or modern machine cut stone. The choice is yours.

Mezzanine Gallery

A mezzanine gallery is a cost effective way to create space in a constrained area. Whether it is for an extra bed or a sitting area, it can unobtrusively increase the living area within you existing home.