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Other Villas

The photos here show a variety of other homes that we currently building or have built over the years.


This is a large two floor stone villa that incorporates many traditional features, including arches, fireplace and mezzanine gallerys. The house stands in its own olive grove on the edge of Vamos. The outside areas will have extensive terraces and a kitchen area.


This derelict single floor dwelling is now a substantial two floor village home. Great care was taken to ensure that the original building retained its character and that the new upper floor fitted in with its surroundings. It is now a very desirable property in the heart of Vamos.

Tsivaris villas

This complex consists of several individual stone villas, an outside social area, pool and parking area - built as a holiday rental complex within the village limits. The work involved clearing the land, renovating several existing derilict structures, levelling and landscaping the complex to make it accessible for the visitors and providing access from the nearby road.

Bus stop: Vamos - Ghavalochori

A local project to restore a ruined bus stop. Replace the roof and make good the walls.

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